Monday, February 24, 2014

ichyfeet @ Vietnam(27d)-Hanoi-Ho Chi Mint Museum 脚痒@越南(27日)-河内-博物馆

Ho Chi Mint Museum 河内-博物馆

20131211_18281620131211_17341120131211_18195120131211_182011This is cool, I think ^^ 54 ethnic groups stamp, ok ? for my dearrie Pc Lulu collection20131211_18201920131211_164502Didn’t expect I will enjoy museum…oh well, I did !20131211_165112sorry i thought is uncle KFC at first ._.lll 20131211_16512020131211_16525420131211_16523620131211_171655
20131211_16543320131211_16553420131211_16555520131211_16564920131211_16572320131211_16575520131211_16582320131211_16585020131211_165923 Wow… I like the powerful code ♥

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