Monday, February 24, 2014

ichyfeet @ Vietnam(27d)-HCMC/Saigon-shopping Malls 脚痒@越南(27日)-胡志明市/西贡-广场

Diamond Plaza 钻石广场

Diamond Plaza is juz opposite the famous Grand Post Office/Catheral (snake under Lady’s feet). Nothing special here, after the photos shoot at Post Office/Catheral, you may want to come in for a drink/food.
20131218_1406152013-11-26 20.46.26this is food court dinning area, is very cosy :)
20131218_14072020131218_14113820131218_14114620131218_1411552013-11-26 23.11.2320131218_141427we really like this pastry shop, their bakery is ATAS.
20131218_14151220131218_14152020131218_142113(0)20131218_1422242013-11-26 20.41.28 2013-11-26 23.18.052013-11-26 21.08.3120131218_14371920131218_143732
2013-11-26 20.53.372013-11-26 20.53.42very advance toilet, juz like in Japan :)
2013-11-26 21.13.102013-11-26 20.34.08
2013-11-26 21.54.372013-11-26 21.55.052013-11-26 21.57.192013-11-26 21.57.37this sticky candy is so yummy ! its malt candy with rice paper skin with shredded coconut :D while waiting for the candy, this vietnamese cutie pie wanna play with the kids :) so lovely :)
20131130_19303820131130_193047love the bookstore, so creative !
20131201_18510220131201_184520 We are excited to see such grand malls in Saigon.
20131201_18284620131201_173947simply love the design :D
20131201_18285720131201_183043 Dessert time !
20131201_16451820131201_164553look at the mall, hey, who tell me Saigon only can go Ben Thanh Market ?
20131201_17114520131201_17115720131201_17124920131201_17131420131201_17132420131201_17133720131201_17262520131201_17264920131201_17580120131201_175851we enjoy the birdnest soup very much :D
20131201_175913 20131201_19314220131201_193507the food court, spacious with variety of cuisine.


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